Conventional Evaporation Pan System

Conventional Evaporation Pan System

Evaporation pan is a is a simple meteorological instrument used to measure the rate of evaporation from an open water surface. It consists of a shallow, flat-bottomed pan typically made of materials like galvanized iron. The pan is filled with water and placed in an exposed, level area where it is subject to the same environmental conditions as the surrounding area. As water in the pan evaporates due to factors such as temperature, humidity, wind, and solar radiation, the amount of water lost is measured over a specific time period. This traditional setup requires human monitoring

Why Choose This system

Made with knowledge

Our team has spent decades monitoring complex environments

Engineered to withstand the harshest conditions

Hardware designed for minimal maintenance

Built from Experience

Our team possesses extensive decades-long experience in monitoring numerous environments.

How it Works

Operation procedure includes:



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