High-Power Siren System TWS295

Range : High-Power Siren System TWS295

The TWS-SERIES Electronic siren is the market leading high power voice and Electronic siren system. Its construction provides superior audio quality combined with the highest output to power consumption ratio.


The Electronic siren system are suitable for outdoor public warning and general alarm in any climatic conditions. As such our sirens have been installed in various places ranging from the snow covered inlands of Greenland to the hot and arid desert climate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • 5 omnidirectional modular speaker cells assembled in a vertical column
  • IP66 rated aluminum cabinet with a separate battery compartment
  • SPL 123 dB(C) @ 100’ / 30 m
  • TWS-295 speaker includes 5 pcs high efficiency EZ-PULLTM speaker drivers
  • Amplifier and speaker driver superior quality
  • 15 m speaker cable included
  • Battery powered, minimum of 30 minutes of full power output with batteries of our recommendation
  • Temperature compensated 3-stage switch mode battery charger
  • Local or remote control / status
  • 5 pcs high efficiency power amplifiers
  • Electronic siren controller featuring SI TEST® – Silent self-test / diagnostics
  • Alarm tone generator, automatic and live voice broadcast
  • Full status monitoring including low battery alarm, amplifier / speaker status
  • AC lightning arrestor included (antenna lightning arrestor included with TWS-RADIO option)
  • Six standard warning tones – Wail, Whoop, Attack, Hi-Lo, Alert, Airhorn
  • Optional customized warning tones
  • Type of amplifiers: Class D
  • Made of non-corrosive carbon fiber reinforced polymer. Non-metallic material
  • STI intelligibility index 0.99. Clear voice capability with high-quality frequency response


Acoustic Performance
SPL @ 1 m 153 dB(C)
SPL @ 30 m 123 dB(C)
70dB range ISO 13475-1* 14,320 m
70dB range FEMA standard* 1,280 m
* ISO: 6 dB sound pressure reduction pr. doubling of distance (as per ISO 13475-1)
** FEMA: 10 dB sound pressure reduction pr. doubling of distance (as per FEMA guidelines)>
Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature -35° C to +70° C
Storage temperature -65° C to +125° C
Humidity, non-condensing 0 to 95%
Electrical Specifications
Battery charger input Option of 120/240 VAC or 50/60 Hz
Battery charger output 28 VDC, 10A#
Batteries 2 pcs 12 V, AGM sealed. 100 AH. Sold separately
Standby current 82 mA, 24 VDC
Operating current 23 A, 24 VDC
Output power per driver (typical / max) 400 Watts / 600 Watts
Total output power (typical / max) 2000 Watts / 3000 Watts
Ordering Information
Product Description Order No.
Speaker assembly and electronics cabinet TWS-295
Auxiliary activation / status control board for contact closure activation and status AUXCS
Auxiliary activation board for contact closure AUXIN
High efficient AC direct power supply unit TWS-AC-PSU
Ethernet control / status interface GV-IP
Giant Voice® Two-way landline control / status monitoring GV-LLM
High standard radios in both analogue and digital versions with wide frequency range within both VHF and UHF TWS-RADIO
Omni-directional visual lighting TWS-VISUALERT
Top-mounted strobe light TWS-TL31R
Giant Voice® Paging interface to interface with existing paging systems GV-PGINT
Intrusion alarm TWS-INTRU
Solar power TWS-SBC200
Two pairs of batteries TWSBATT
Sun shield for electronic cabinet TWS SUN SHIELD
Customized warning tones GV-TONES