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Windsocks are engineered and manufactured to a variety of aviation standards including both ICAO Annex 14 and FAA150 5345-27. All electrical, mechanical, and structural components have been fully vetted to ensure compliance. The all-aluminum assembly provides rigid support, while remaining light enough to swivel freely in the lightest breeze.


– Millard Towers Aviation Windsocks are designed to provide critical wind information to pilots.
– Suitable for all environments, particularly those subject to high UV, wind, and salwater exposure.


– Windsocks can be supplied as Unlit or Lit
– Lit assemblies are designed to suit 100-240VAC, 2.8-6.6A, or
12VDC power supplies
– An optional obstruction light can be equipped


Frangible windsock towers are manufactured to ICAO and FAA frangibility specifications and made from high-grade Aluminum alloy. The unique lattice structure offers rigidity in high winds, but is yielding if accidentally impacted by an aircraft. The tower comes equipped with either a tilting base or an elevated hinge. Both provide easy servicing for windsock maintenance and replacement.


Frangibility ICAO Doc 9157 Part 6 and FAA AC 150 / 5345-45
Loading CSA S37
Crating ISPM15 certified
Sections, Accessories Marine-grade aluminum
Hardware Grade 5 EcoGuard steel
Treatment Powder coated orange, others available
Height Range 2.25m, 4.50m
Height Increments 0.75m
Maximum Section Length 2.25m
Maximum Section Weight 10kg
Mount 2″ NPT male (60mm OD), others available
Mean Hourly Wind Load 750Pa (120km/h)
3-Second Gust Wind Load 1,500Pa (170km/h)
Radial Ice 12.5mm
Lifespan 25 to 30 years
Recyclable 100%
Fixed Base Available for all heights
Tilt Base 2.25m, available for 4.50m
Tilt-Over 4.50m


  • Foundation Kits
  • Power Supply Enclosure Mount
  • Tilt Stand
  • Wormgear Winch
  • Electric Winch

Explosion Proof Windsocks are designed to give helicopter pilots a highly visible indication of wind speed and direction during landing and take-off in all weather and light conditions. For use on all offshore and onshore helideck platforms, the corrosion resistant illuminated windsock is rated for Zone 1 and 2 areas with gas explosion hazard and complies with Transport Canada TP325, ICAO Annex 14, and UK CAA CAP437 specifications. Made from high-grade materials and utilizing cutting-edge components, the assembly requires minimum maintenance – only a periodic visual inspection is required.


ATEX Explosion-proof zones I and II
ICAO Doc 9261
Transport Canada TP325
Swivel, Frame Stainless steel
Diameter 45cm
Fabric Length 120cm, 180cm, 240cm
Fabric Colour Solid orange, red-white bands
Power Supply 110-254VAC, 10-32VDC
Lamp Design LED
Power 8.5W (VAC), 7W (VDC)
Obstruction Light 10W (32cd)
Operating Temperature -40°C to +60°C
Movement ±5° true wind direction in 3-knot wind
Lamp Life >50,000 hours
Burn-in Test >4 hours

Fabricated from stainless steel, industrial windsock offer a simple, yet durable design to be used in a variety of applications – manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, oil & gas, agriculture, railyards. Designs are kept in stock to ensure quick delivery and can be purchased online in our store.


Swivel, Frame Stainless steel
Bearings Lubrication-free nylon bushings
Diameter 33cm, 45cm, 60cm
Fabric Length 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 240cm
Fabric Colour Solid orange, red-white bands
Mount ¾” NPT (male)

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