Portable Automatic Weather System (PAWS)

Portable Automatic Weather System

The EMT-WEATHER™ PAWS system is engineered to collect and securely store essential environmental data, including measurements like rainfall, wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure, from diverse field locations. This invaluable information is accessible to end users daily and in real time, enabling site controllers to make crucial adaptations, such as adjusting station run times or optimizing day cycle frequencies based on the parameters under surveillance. Notably, the system’s portability enhances its flexibility, allowing seamless deployment in various settings

Why Choose This system

Compliant Sensors

Ensure that your equipment
complies with industry benchmarks and standards

Everything You need

Access key data on your mobile device while you are out in the field

Built from Experience

Our team possesses extensive decades-long experience in monitoring numerous environments

How it Works

System operates in several steps:


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