Lightning Alarm Package

Range : Lightning Detection

The EFM-LDS-100 Electric Field Mill short-range sensor (<20 miles/32 km) constantly monitors for lightning and activates graphical display alerts on a computer or laptop when lightning is detected. There are two high electric field alarms, and lightning distance ranges that are completely customizable to alert you when there is nearby lightning. The software will also reset back to a green All Clear state when no lightning has been detected within the range.

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Used for alerting of nearby thunderstorms (up to 24 miles/38 km away) and also has the ability to detect high electric-field conditions which precede the first lightning strike. For close lightning strikes the EFM-100’s accuracy is unsurpassed.


  • Pre-wired IP67 enclosure with relay output expansion cable and fault buzzer
  • 1, 2 or 3 alert levels (Red, Red/Yellow, Red/Orange/Yellow)
  • All Clear output (Green)
  • Fully configurable alert distances, durations and high electric field levels 20 miles / 32 km range
  • Available High electric field alert warns of conditions when first strike is more likely to occur
  • Status Monitor software shows current alert state and minutes : seconds until All Clear
  • USB port for configuration and Status Monitor software
  • Optional fiber optic input / RS485 output for transmitting status messages to other equipment or to a distant Status Monitor computer


Ordering Information

High Field Alerts 2 configurable levels (Red, Yellow)
Strike Distance 0 – 24 miles / 0 – 38 km
Electric Field Range -20 kV/m to +20 kV/m
Typical Range of Interest -5 kV/m to +5 kV/m
Accuracy 5% +/- 0.05 kV/m
Response Time 0.1 seconds
Software Display Indicators
All Clear (Green) Green display when no lightning is detected and electric field levels are below set alarm levels
High Field Alert (Yellow) On when electric field level goes above configured high field level and below configured very high field level
Very High Field Alert (Red) On when electric field level goes above configured very high field level
Lightning (Purple) On when lightning is detected
Software Specifications
Operating System Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT
Data Port RS-232 (RS-485 option available)
RS-232 Format Delimited ASCII Sentences
Baud Rate 9600 baud, 8N1
Digital Output 0.01 kV/m
Analog Output Infinite
Analog Data Differential 1V per kV/m
EFM Data Connection 62.5/125 Multimode ST fiber optic
Connector 2.1mm/5.5mm coaxial, screw terminals
DC Power Supply 11.5VDC – 14VDC, 0.5A
AC Power Supply 120VAC US plug or 120-240VAC international multi-plug wall adapter
Power Consumption 4 W
Material Aluminum
IP Rating 44
Dimensions 6.7” dia x 5” (17cm dia x 13cm)
Weight 2.2 lbs (1kg)
Shipping Weight 13 lbs (5.75kg)
Shipping Dimensions 26”x10”x11” (66cm x 25.4cm x 28cm)
Operating Temperature -40 to 60°C / -40 to 140°F
Operating Humidity 0 to 99% non-condensing
Agency Approvals CE, FCC, cULus, C-tick
Warranty 1 Year
Ordering Information
EFM100-120V-100FT Kit EFM-100 Electric Field Mill
120VAC 60Hz Power Supply
100 Feet (30m) Cable*
Pole mount inverting kit*
EFM100-220V-100FT Kit EFM-100 Electric Field Mill
220VAC 50-60Hz Power Supply
100 Feet (30m) Cable*
Pole mount inverting kit*